Technology - PK Safety

The Digital Age of Safety

Increasing visibility & Digitizing processes

The wilma™ confined space management solution, powered by weavix™, is designed to supplement the attendant and enhance the safety of the confined space by providing live video, continuous gas monitoring, digital entry logs and WiFi into the space for communication. 

When deployed, authorized persons can view live data and video being gathered from anywhere on any device. When deployed on multiple entry vessels, a single attendant can monitor all entries, therefore eliminating redundant personnel. With wilma™, permits can be extended and crews can keep working.

intelliSAFETY™, a digital data management system (DDMS), is an integral part of PK Safety’s commitment to providing a higher level of protection. Through significant investment in leading-edge technologies, PK Companies has greatly enhanced PK Safety’s ability to protect our client’s personnel and our own.  

PK Safety Professionals use intelliSAFETY™, a module within intelliSPEC™, to streamline the data collection of field work, provide complete transparency and give our clients real-time access to data through customizable KPIs and dashboards.

Do More With Less

weavix™ is a platform designed to digitally connect and optimize the workforce, bringing value not only to frontline workers but entire organizations through the reduction of overhead cost while increasing facility wide safety and security.

What Can weavix™ Do For You?

The weavix Family

Meet Fetch

Fetch is the new innovative and digital approach to maximize employee time and gain valuable insight of employee utilization and efficiency.

Fetch can be used on walt™ and the weavix™ app to request and dispatch anything from resources to materials without having to leave the point of work.

Utilizing fetch allows management the ability to see utilization rates of resources, acceptance and rejection of fetch requests and bottlenecks through configurable dashboards and customizable reports.

Meet Channels

Channels provide a quick and easy way to communicate and collaborate with the entire workforce. Channels is a place for management, teams, departments or individuals to share messages, alerts or files.

Reports & KPIs

View live status and progress of activities and identify anomalies for increased efficiency. KPIs and reports are generated for a transparent view of any data in the system.

How Does It Work?


Enter All Personnel

All PK Safety personnel are entered in weavix™ by scanning the NFC tag on the worker's hard hat.


Assigning Personnel

All PK Safety hole watch & fire watch attendants are assigned as active while performing watch duties or idle while performing other duties.


Fetch Request

Contractor sends a request through weavix™ app or by radio to PK Safety Management requesting a hole watch & fire watch resource and picks the rendezvous location.

PK Safety management receives fetch request and finds available attendant through weavix™.

PK Safety management selects available attendant and dispatches to rendezvous point through weavix™.


Fetch Received & Accepted

Attendant receives dispatch notification on walt™, weavix's™ proprietary badge, accepts the fetch request and uses the map to find rendezvous point.

PK Safety Management is notified through weavix™ when attendant arrives at rendezvous point.


Job Started

Hole watch attendant meets requester and permit writer. Attendant enters permit number and takes initial air readings. If a wilma is connected, it will automatically pull the air readings.

All entrant entries and exits are logged by attendant on weavix™ handheld device.


Entrants Added

Hole watch attendant adds the entrant(s) and what job task to be preformed. All entrant entries and exits are logged by attendant on weavix™ handheld device.

Closeout Permit

Hole watch attendant can closeout the permit once all entrant(s) have exited the space. Attendants are unable to closeout the permit if any entrants are still logged into the space.

Reports Generated

View live status and progress of a job and identify anomalies for increased efficiency.

KPI’s and reports are generated for transparent view of bottlenecks, air readings, entry logs and utilization of resources.

              • Time to secure permits
              • Time duration from fetch request to job starting
              • Number of active & idle hole watch attendants

Meet wilma™

Confined Space Monitoring Re-designed

Increase confined space entrant safety by utilizing wilma™, powered by weavix™, as an extension of your existing confined space entry procedures.

wilma™ is the weather-proof, non-invasive, flexible, innovative, compact & user-friendly monitoring assistant designed to assist trained safety professionals, operators & technicians. wilma™ ensures the safety of your workers by delivering digital connectivity inside the space and providing management full transparency of the who, what, where & when of a job. Live video or playback feed is viewable from any device at any time.

Unlike other confined space monitoring technology on the market, wilma™ can be set up by a single technician in a matter of minutes for a fraction of the cost without the need for elaborate and expensive control centers.

The air readings and live video feeds are displayed on the operators dashboard as well as Managements dashboard.

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Continuous & remote monitoring of atmospheric & biometric readings for critical confined spaces & individuals.


View live video of the manway & workers inside the confined space in real-time.


Provides WiFi to workers inside a confined space to stay connected.


Provides management with access to KPIs & dashboards of atmospheric conditions inside confined spaces.

Meet intelliSPEC™

DIgitized data collection & management

intelliSPEC™ is a cloud-based digital data management software  designed to revolutionize data management through mobile technology. 

With inSafe™, the safety module built into intelliSPEC™, our technicians utilize digital forms to execute safety observations, incident investigations, equipment inspections and a litany of other tasks. Real-time data is immediately available to the client through customizable KPIs and dashboards. Data can be uploaded into client’s legacy databases automatically, eliminating time-consuming manual entry. 

Leading indicators are computed in near real-time with inSafe™, providing complete transparency.

inSAFE Dashboards

Reports & KPIs

intelliSPEC™ has numerous modules that are proven and used on a daily basis. Each module digitizes the forms needed for:


Data is stored, managed & processed on a network of remote servers and can be accessed through any WiFi connection.


Standard modules are included with inSAFE. Clients can request customization for a particular need or work process.


Leading indicators are available in real time, enabling clients to make quick decisions for the safety of their teams.


Data can be uploaded seamless to client's legacy databases, eliminating time-consuming manual entry & digitizing the whole process.

The New Generation of Digital Workforce Connectivity

walt™ is a revolutionary and innovative workforce optimization personal device designed to increase safety, increase productivity and increase communication by connecting the entire workforce.

walt™ is an integral part of the weavix™ workforce optimization platform. walt™ provides greater data gathering capabilities and more sophisticated functionality than any other connected worker device on the market today.

walt™ is the only Class 1, Div 2 device that connects to private LTE.

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Private Wireless Network Solution

The weavix™ private LTE network lets you use one network for all your mission and business-critical applications. It provides a platform for using digital transformation to take efficiency, productivity, quality, safety and visibility to new levels

Our private wireless solution gives you a dedicated wireless network that provides its full capacity for your workers. You control which workers have access to the network and ensure that they get the right level of priority and performance.

Network can be tailored for specific industrial needs
A local network that is independently managed and easy to deploy

We register each sim card and device for maximum security & control