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weavix™ Provides a New Innovative Way to Digitally Manage Confined Space & Fire Watch Activities.

weavix™ Provides a New Innovative Way to Digitally Manage Confined Space & Fire Watch Activities.

Increase Safety.  Increase Communication.  Reduce Cost.

The weavix™ confined space solution allows full transparency of your confined space and fire watch management programs through digital connectivity & communication, remote & continuous monitoring of atmospheric conditions and the ability to fetch and dispatch resources to the point of work.

The weavix™ confined space solution was designed to digitally optimize confined space and fire watch resources. PK Safety Services, utilizing weavix™ can reduce cost and headcount needed by an average of 23%

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Welcome To Control. Welcome To weavix™

Welcome To Control. Welcome To weavix™

weavix™ is a platform designed to digitally connect and optimize the workforce, bringing value not only to frontline workers but entire organizations through the reduction of overhead cost while increasing facility wide safety and security.

What Can weavix™ Do For You?


Monitor health, location and atmospheric conditions of the workforce in real-time.


Know the utilization rate of contractor & facility personnel and fetch resources to the point of work.


Channel messaging, push to talk and video call capabilities provide multiple lines of increased communication.


Real-time dashboards and reports provide powerful insights to allow data-driven decision making.

How Does It Work?


Enter All Personnel

All PK Safety personnel are entered in weavix™ by scanning the NFC tag on the worker's hard hat.


Assigning Personnel

All PK Safety hole watch & fire watch attendants are assigned as active while performing watch duties or idle while performing other duties.


Fetch Request

Contractor sends a request through weavix™ app or by radio to PK Safety Management requesting a hole watch & fire watch resource and picks the rendezvous location.

PK Safety management receives fetch request and finds available attendant through weavix™.

PK Safety management selects available attendant and dispatches to rendezvous point through weavix™.


Fetch Received & Accepted

Attendant receives dispatch notification on walt™, weavix's™ proprietary badge, accepts the fetch request and uses the map to find rendezvous point.

PK Safety Management is notified through weavix™ when attendant arrives at rendezvous point.


Job Started

Hole watch attendant meets requester and permit writer. Attendant enters permit number and takes initial air readings. If a wilma is connected, it will automatically pull the air readings.

All entrant entries and exits are logged by attendant on weavix™ handheld device.


Entrants Added

Hole watch attendant adds the entrant(s) and what job task to be preformed. All entrant entries and exits are logged by attendant on weavix™ handheld device.

Closeout Permit

Hole watch attendant can closeout the permit once all entrant(s) have exited the space. Attendants are unable to closeout the permit if any entrants are still logged into the space.

Reports Generated

View live status and progress of a job and identify anomalies for increased efficiency.

KPI’s and reports are generated for transparent view of bottlenecks, air readings, entry logs and utilization of resources.

              • Time to secure permits
              • Time duration from fetch request to job starting
              • Number of active & idle hole watch attendants
Continuous Monitoring Assistant

wilma™ is a continuous & remote monitoring device for critical confined spaces. It provides:

  • Live video of manway
  • Connectivity to workers  inside confined spaces
  • Remote access to air readings inside the confined space to management

A weavix™ technician carries wilma™ with them to the work location.


The weavix™ technician places wilma™ outside the manway and connects the cameras.


wilma™ continuously monitors the air readings inside the confined space and provides a live video feed of the manway.

The air readings and live video feeds are displayed on the operators dashboard as well as Managements dashboard.

The Portal of Information is the Badge

walt™ is weavix’s proprietary smart device designed to increase communication, increase safety and replace the traditional employee radios. walt™ turns the employee workforce into a digitally connected workforce.

  • Monitor the health of workers by triggering alerts for gas detection, biometric health issues and when a worker enters a restricted area
  • Integration with Honeywell gas monitors
  • Provide location of entire workforce at any given time and know if workers have reached locations
  • An SOS button for a man-down situation or emergency
  • All plant and contractor personnel are assigned a smart device
  • Communicate through specific channels to instantly deploy messages via talk to text
  • Prioritized message capabilities
  • Ability to request resources, materials and tools to point of work
  • Reduction of radio traffic
  • Feedback from personnel
  • Channels
  • Push to talk capabilities
  • Videos
  • Traditional voice calls
Private Wireless Network Solution

The weavix™ private LTE network lets you use one network for all your mission and business-critical applications. It provides a platform for using digital transformation to take efficiency, productivity, quality, safety and visibility to new levels

Our private wireless solution gives you a dedicated wireless network that provides its full capacity for your workers. You control which workers have access to the network and ensure that they get the right level of priority and performance.

Network can be tailored for specific industrial needs
A local network that is independently managed and easy to deploy

We register each sim card and device for maximum security & control