Turnaround Service – PK Safety

Turnaround Service

PK Safety has the programs, technology, methodologies and people you can trust to provide you with the safety support you need during critical turnaround and shutdown periods.

We have a proven track record and extraordinary working relationships with companies to improve safety, safety compliance, quality control and accountability when it is needed most.

By utilizing PK Safety’s professional and expert service solutions during your start-ups and turnarounds, you can improve safety compliance, quality control and accountability when they are needed the most.

Startup, Turnaround and Shutdown Services

PK Safety has developed a suite of proven start-up and turnaround services that can improve safety, decrease start-up and turnaround periods and lower cost at any plant or facility in the country. Our expert start-up and turnaround services include:

  • Grade E breathing air services
  • Trained on-site technicians to support maintenance and emergency personnel
  • Professional safety attendants and safety technicians
  • Scheduling of people and resources
  • Archived database of activity, cost and equipment
  • Turnaround best practices

Our Technology

PK Safety Services, utilizing weavix™ to optimize hole and fire watch activities can reduce headcount needed by an average of 23%.

weavix™ was designed exclusively for PK Safety Services to streamline confined space activity, eliminate under-utilization and reduce resources needed during outages and major projects.